08. August. 2020.

CollTech Dongguan received Technology Innovation award from Sungrow

01. July. 2020.

CollTech Dongguan received Certification of the Intellectual Property Management System

03. January. 2020.

CollTech Suzhou moved into new office

01. November. 2019.

CollTech Qingdao R&D Center started operation

22. November. 2017.

Bonding at the speed of lightig on a high level. Dr. Stefanie Wellmann of Wellmann Technologies GmbH, Maxdorf will present about fast and über schnelles, reliable bonding – high impact stress strength despite fast cure – versatile appilications, high performance, highly reliable also under extreme conditions.

26. October. 2017.

Adhesive seminar - Characterising materials and process control 26 October 2017 Cooperation seminar with the ifw Günter-Köhler-Institut Jena, Germany Topic: UV-adhesives, flexible and for versatile…