The Colltech Group

The CollTech Group has been actively engaged in the adhesive industry since its inception in 2013.

The CollTech Group team is multicultural and comprises of scientists and engineers with specialized/advanced degrees in various science disciplines and seasoned business development, sales and marketing professionals, they all have extensive experience in adhesive technology.

The company continues to flourish and now has operations globally to support customers in N.A., Asia and Europe on an array of applications used in consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, optical electronics, medical devices, home appliances, renewable energy, industrial electronics and other markets.

The CollTech Group offers a diverse portfolio of adhesive chemistry options. The company prides itself in its competence and flexibility to develop innovative and custom products through its R&D efforts and by collaborating with research institutions to provide technical solutions for customers worldwide.


Application of Smartphone

The front frame and back cover of the smartphone are bonded and sealed, the connector is waterproof, the bottom of the motherboard is filled, encapsulated, conductive, and thermally conductive, component encapsulation protection, camera modules, infinite charging modules, etc.


Application of NEVs

Power control of new energy vehicles, on-board systems, motors, battery applications, etc.


Application of Speaker

The gasket of the speaker is bonded, the dust cover is bonded, the ring is bonded to the cone, the cone is bonded to the voice coil, the elastic wave is bonded to the cone frame, the cone frame is bonded to the washer, the washer, the magnet and the T Iron bonding, etc.


2013: CollTech Group is established in Shenzhen, China
  CollTech GmbH is founded in Dornburg, Germany
2015: CollTech acquires Wellmann Technologies GmbH in Maxdorf, Germany
2016: CollTech Dongguan R&D and Manufacturing Center is established in Dongguan, China
  CollTech Korea Co., Ltd. is founded in Seoul, Korea
2017: CollTech Coporation is founded in Cupertino, CA, USA.
2018: CollTech Suzhou sales office is founded in Suzhou, China
2019: CollTech Qingdao R&D Center is established in Qingdao, China