Adhesives are used extensively within the traditional automotive and now EV / Self Driving Vehicle market. Recently, there has been a demand surge for adhesives used in Modules & Package, Device & Board Level and Systems Level applications. It is critical that these adhesives are durable, can bond to a variety of substrates for structural bonding and reinforcement and are able to withstand harsh environments (extreme temperatures, resistance to a variety of chemicals, etc.).


  • Multiple curing conditions
  • Operating temperature: -50°C ~ +280°C
  • Waterproof, oil resistant and shockproof
  • High thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity
  • Good adhesion to various substrates, such as PA, LCP, PPS, PC, ABS, steel, copper, aluminum, nickel
  • Robust quality

Typical applications in automotive industry

  • LCP connector bonding
  • Structural bonding
  • Conformal coating of PCB boards
  • Potting, fixing and protection of electronic components
  • Assembly of automotive speaker component
  • Waterproof sealing of car lights
  • Automotive thermal management materials